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What is Typhoid Fever?

Contamination of food and water with the bacterium Salmonella typhi causes Typhoid Fever.  After infection, severe illness often results requiring medical treatment and even hospitalization. Symptoms of disease may include  stomach pain, diarrhea, high fever, and severe fatigue.  Prevent infection with a Typhoid Fever vaccination before traveling. 

How is Typhoid Infection Spread?

Eating food or drinking beverages even with trace amounts of the bacterium causes illness. Risk is highest in many low and medium income countries due to limited access to running water and soap including in food establishments. Due to lack of handwashing after using the bathroom, food workers are often the main source of typhoid transmission.  Accordingly, soiled hands from food workers transfers the bacterium to surfaces or food that is eaten by customers.

Bad hand hygiene and improperly cooked food can cause traveler's diarrhea. Don't leave without a plan in case it happens to you. Talk to a travel health specialist before your trip.
typhoid fever is found in many countries worldwide

Who Needs a Typhoid Fever Vaccine?

The risk for exposure is high in many developing countries worldwide.  As a result, The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 11 – 21 million cases annually. Subsequently, all travelers two years and older with plans to visit a low or medium income country will be recommended the vaccine.  

How Do I Protect Myself?

All food eaten at a restaurant, food stall, or street vendor may pose a risk for the international traveler.  In view of this, the Typhoid Fever vaccination is a first line recommendation to prevent infection.  

Choosing food and beverages carefully and washing your hands before you eat is also suggested since the vaccine is not 100% effective. Additional suggestions for safe food and beverage choices will be shared during the appointment.

Are There Multiple Typhoid Fever Vaccines?

At this time, two types of the Typhoid Fever vaccine are available; an injection given in the arm or capsules taken by mouth.  Anyone two years and older is eligible for the injection.  Travelers six years and older are eligible for the oral (by mouth) typhoid vaccine.

When Do I Need to Re-Vaccinate?

The Typhoid Fever injection provides two years of protection while the oral Typhoid Fever vaccine offers five years of protection.

How Do I Take the Oral Typhoid Fever Vaccine?

Four capsules are taken every other day on an empty stomach, typically an hour before a meal.  Additional instructions will be provided by the nurse during your appointment including the need to keep the vaccine refrigerated. 

Hepatitis A vaccine can protect against illness when eating new foods

Where Can I Find a Typhoid Fever Vaccine Near Me?

Destination Health Travel Clinic specializes in vaccines for travel including the injection or oral Typhoid Fever immunization and is available near you at the Braintree – South Shore,  Natick – Framingham, or Springfield – Longmeadow clinics. Book online or call the office to schedule today!

Popular destinations where the typhoid fever vaccine is recommended include India, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru

Other Common Travel Vaccinations

Additional travel vaccines to consider for your international trip may include Yellow Fever vaccine, Hepatitis A vaccine, and Rabies Vaccine for humans.  Learn more about CDC recommended vaccinations for your specific destination during a visit at our office.